Senator John McCain has introduced new legislation that would expand and make permanent the “Choice Program” for veterans.  All vets would get “Choice” cards, allowing them to go outside the VA system for care.  The bill would also expand open times for VA Clinics and pharmacies, as well as telemedicine, even from

out of state. McCain says this second VA reform bill picks up where the last one left off.  A veteran himself, McCain is adamant about sending “our veterans back to the status quo of never-ending wait time for appointments and inflexible care.”  The “Choice” bill would repeal the 30-day, 40-mile restrictions and make the program permanent. The “Choice Card” is universal in its use that it would extend to all vets no matter where they are located. The bill offers up a number of options that include allowing veterans to visit walk-in clinics and to provide treatment through telemedicine.

Kris Dugan