Senator John McCain is battling to keep his Senate seat.  Pollster Earl De Berge says the latest “Rocky Mountain” poll shows McCain is locked in a dead heat with Democratic rival Ann Kirkpatrick.  He says “the much-storied McCain appears to

be in one of the closest races that we have seen in many years.”  The poll shows an even split at 42 percent between the incumbent and Kirkpatrick.  The poll also indicates McCain is losing ground as Republicans are less than enthusiastic to vote for McCain than past years.  A large majority of voters say McCain is not getting the job done.  His job performance has been slipping in recent years and today’s poll reflects an even less than stellar view with constituents giving him a mere 30 to 35 percent positive job approval rating.  Kirkpatrick, on the other hand, has jumped to the lead with one surprising group of voters.  She has leap-frogged over McCain’s solid Republican rural base with 43 percent over his 39 percent.  McCain’s dwindling poll numbers show there’s a shift happening among Arizona voters.  However, once it comes time to vote in the general election, McCain is known for his campaign skills and will likely get the majority vote.

Kris Dugan