Arizona Senator John McCain, on CNN’s “State of the Union, was asked if the United States is at a dangerous point in its relationship with Israel. “Well I think that’s up to the President of the United States.” McCain also lashed out at President Obama concerning Israel.

.”Get over your temper tantrum Mr. President. It’s time that we work together with our Israelis friends to try and stem this tide of ISIS and Iranian movement throughout the region which is threatening the very fabric of the region.” Before the election that he won in Israel last week, Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu ruled out a Palestinian state, but after the election, said he would support the idea. McCain said Obama has better things to worry about. “Bibi’s rhetoric concerning an election campaign pales in comparison as to the threat, the direct threat to the United States of America of ISIS. The president has his priorities so screwed up that it’s unbelievable.”  Senate Republicans have held up the confirmation of Lorreta Lynch to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General. Democrats have alleged that Lynch’s nomination is being held up because she’s African-American. “These same Democrats, led by Senator Durbin, filibustered Janice Rogers Brown, the first African-American to a seat on that court. They filibustered Miguel Estrada.”

Mike Sauceda