Former CIA Director David Patraeus could face charges for allegedly sharing classified information with his mistress. On CNN’s “State of the Union,” Arizona Senator John McCain said the investigation should not have been made public.

“Is it appropriate to leak information that is supposed to be kept sealed until a decision is made.” McCain said he did not have enough information to decide whether Patraeus should be charged. McCain talked about the terror attacks in France. “These organizations pose a direct threat, pose a direct threat. Now, whether it’s an immediate threat or not, I don’t want to get into wordsmithing.” McCain cast blame on the Obama Administration for the success of groups carrying out the terrorist attacks in France. “But this is because – the result of leading from behind. This – this is the same organization these people are trained from that the president of the United States said Yemen and Somalia were success stories.” McCain described what he would consider a coherent strategy to fight global terrorism. “First of all, it would require some – some boots on the ground, not like the – before. But we certainly need forward air controllers. ISIS right now is winning. And we need to go after them, and we need to have more boots on the ground. We need to understand that Syria and Iraq are the same. We need to arm the Free Syrian Army. We need a no-fly zone, which many of us have been calling for, for years.”
Mike Sauceda