The Army sergeant who abandoned his post in Afghanistan and allegedly held captive by the Taliban for several years is being court-martialed for desertion.  Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl will be charged with desertion, avoiding military service and misbehavior before the enemy.  The charges of desertion during a time of

war are punishable by death.  According to a statement by Senator John McCain, “This is an important step in the military justice process towards determining the accountability of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. I am confident that the Department of the Army will continue to ensure this process is conducted with the utmost integrity under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.” 

After being held captive for five years by the Taliban, President Barack Obama agreed to release five Taliban Commanders who were imprisoned at Guantanamo  Bay, Cuba in exchange for Bergdahl.  Aiding and abetting the enemy is considered one of the worst crimes a soldier can commit during a time of war.  Many soldiers were killed by the enemy while trying to track Bergdahl down when he deserted his post.

Kris Dugan