The Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate opens Monday, and several senators who served with Kennedy, including Arizona Senator John McCain, talked on “Face the Nation” about the late senator and what it was like working with him.

“He dedicated his life to the institution and thereby being able become one of the most effective members of the United States Senate and I might add probably the greatest antagonist I ever had on the floor of the Senate.” McCain said Kennedy was a formidable debater on the senate floor. “Oh, we had some of the great bouts, and yet I remember one time we had a huge fight that two freshmen had begun and we drove them from the floor and afterwards we were walking off the floor and he put his arm around me.And he said, “We really did a good one that time, didn’t we, John? He enjoyed the combat but he didn’t personalize the combat. And that is really one of the reasons why I think so many, on both sides of the aisle, had not just respect but after a while, affection.” McCain talked about Kennedy’s character. “Ted always kept his word. The only times I saw him angry was when somebody didn’t keep their word to him.” McCain was asked if there will ever be another Ted Kennedy in the senate. “I think you may see his like again. And I’ve seen with some of the newer and younger members of the Senate. But I don’t think you’ll see the kind of credentials and background and experience and family. I miss the back-and-forth. I miss — I keep — “John,” he called me “John,” in that accent — and, yes, I certainly do miss him. I miss the combat. I miss the integrity and I miss the desire to get things done for the people of this country. And I do agree that there will be others that are equally as far as service is concerned. But frankly, for those that’s knew him, we may never see his like quite like that again.”

Mike Sauceda