a hotly contested presidential political season Arizona’s elder statesman is
talking about the nomination and his power to play kingmaker.  Arizona Senator John McCain takes time out
during Congress’ Christmas recess to promote the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle
program, ringing a bell and raising money for the less fortunate.  Talking politics,

McCain is reluctant to
assume the mantle of kingmaker and weigh in on his new favorite GOP presidential
hopeful ahead of the New Hampshire primary now that South Carolina senator Lindsay
Graham is out of the race. 
discounts a recent poll showing that 3-in-10 New Hampshire Republicans would be
influenced by his endorsement of a candidate, noting folk in that New England
state are infamously independent and that endorsements are overrated. 
As for a brokered convention without a clear
nominee on the first ballot, McCain says it would be a disaster for the party
and there is no chance that Mitt Romney would emerge from that confusion as the
McCain also talked about his
own primary contest, where already faces a challenge from former state senator Kelli
Ward and now there is talk of Congressman David Schweikert throwing his hat
into the ring.  
In foreign policy, McCain
is disputing Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s hopeful stand in
Saturday’s debate that we are where need to be in the war against ISIS, saying
she should ask if the folks in San Bernardino, where more than a dozen people
were killed in a terror attack by Muslims claiming to be inspired by ISIS, if
things are “going just fine.”