President Obama has asked Congress to give him authority to use military force to fight ISIS. On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Arizona Senator John McCain says the authority may not be needed

“It’s not absolutely necessary but it’s been since 2002 as I recall that we had a resolution that was aimed particularly at Al Qaeda and those that were responsible for the attacks on the United States.” McCain was asked if he would give the President broader authority in a resolution to use military force against ISIS. “I think we should not restrain the president of the United States. The Congress has the power of the purse. If we don’t like what the Commander in Chief is doing, we can cut off his funds for doing so.” In a fight between Senate and House Republicans, the president’s immigration policies are being threatened with a cut-off of funds for Homeland Security. McCain is against that. “We need to sit down and work this thing out. And there’s ways we can address what the president did is unconstitutional but it’s not through shutting down the Department of Homeland Security.” 

Mike Sauceda