Newly-minted Arizona Congresswoman Martha McSally squeaked into office with a win over Ron Barber. The Republican talked about a variety of issues on “Fox News Sunday,” including what she plans to focus on after she takes office Tuesday.

 “So, you can expect me to be focusing on growing the economy, getting people back to work but also the areas of security, border security, I’m one of nine border districts and two big military bases, one army, one air force, 85,000 veterans. So those will be the focus areas.” McSally, a former Air Force pilot, says her military experience will benefit her in congress. “So that experience is going to be absolutely vital on the issues on national security, making sure our military is strong and capable to deal with the various threats that we’re facing.” McSally also talked about how she plans to handle immigration issues. “I think we need address the root causes and do first things first and in my district that includes border security as a main focus.” Louisiana Republican congressman Steve Scalise spoke to a group of white supremacists more than a decade ago. McSally was asked if she thought that would hurt Republican’s efforts to reach out to minorities. “No I don’t. Again, if you look at the types of people that have been elected we still have a lot of work to do. Don’t get me wrong. I mean we still just a little over 100 women. We don’t totally reflect America in the whole congress regardless of both parties.”
Mike Sauceda