The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a man for stealing flood lights from MCSO Headquarters in downtown Phoenix.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio says 64-year-old Don Mitchell was caught on surveillance cameras digging up the lights that are embedded in the ground.  Over the last three weeks, Mitchell

snatched up ten lights worth about 16-thousand dollars.  Officers spied Mitchell digging up another flood light on camera and followed him to a school bus that was parked down the street.  Inside, officers discovered at least one of their stolen flood lights. Mitchell, who had been arrested for assault on an officer, is facing felony grand theft charges.  The motive behind the crime is worrisome and suspicious to Arpaio.  He says it’s “disturbing that he would go to our headquarters and start stealing flood lights which would cause a security issue.”  Arpaio says “there’s a war on cops” and notes a suspect was recently arrested for shooting at an MCSO substation when an officer was entering the building. 

Kris Dugan