The measles outbreak in Eloy is spreading.  Chief Jessica Riggler with the Arizona Department of Health Services says a detention center in Eloy has been linked to the measles outbreak that’s now affected ten people.  Two confirmed cases came out of the detention center last week, but it’s unclear whether it originated with the

staff or an inmate.  Now with eight additional cases, the virus is working its way through Pinal County and health department officials expect the measles virus to grow in Maricopa County and other counties as well. Anyone who has been vaccinated is not in danger of contracting the virus.  However, if you have not been vaccinated you are at risk.  If you suffer from a fever and a rash and think it could be measles, it’s extremely important to call your doctor.  In fact, contact your doctor or emergency department first before going into the office.  This will help stop the spread of measles by not being in contact with others. 

Kris Dugan