A Phoenix Police Detective ultimate sacrifice is being permanently remembered at the intersection where he died. A ceremony unveiled a plaque bearing Detective John Hobbs name, who was killed in a shootout with a suspect. The ceremony marks the one year anniversary of his death March 3, 2014.

Hobbs’ widow, Cathy, addressed the police and firefighters lining the street for the plaque’s unveiling, saying, “yesterday’s (Monday) stormy skies matched my mood perfectly. It breaks my heart to think John has been gone from our lives for a year.”

Hobbs and his partner were after a man wanted for murder the month before. 28 year old William Thornton, a convicted felon, recognized officers and fled in his vehicle causing a crash at 43rd Avenue and Bethany Home Road, injuring two people. Thornton opened fire on Hobbs as he and his partner were exiting their patrol car. Thornton shot Hobbs, and the gravely wounded officer shot the suspect, killing him with the help of a third officer. In addition to his wife, Hobbs also left behind three children.

The blue memorial plaque is attached to a light pole beside the right lane of westbound Bethany Home Road at 43rd Avenue.

–Barbara Villa