The country music world is mourning the loss of legendary country crooner Merle Haggard.  Arizona concert promoter Danny Zelisco says he got to know Haggard through singer Kris Kristopherson.  The two were close friends.  Haggard may have been a legend, but Zelisco says he acted “just like a regular

guy.”  Zelisco says we have lost one of “our greats” in country music and urges everyone to go out and buy some of his music so you can hear how talented Haggard was as a song writer.  Zelisco explains Haggard’s music was “heartwarming” more “innocent” than the music we have today. 

It’s also worth noting Haggard was a huge fan of Prescott.  In the 60’s, he played with Waylon Jennings and Buddy Holly at “Matt’s Longhorn Saloon” off Whiskey Row in Prescott. When Haggard started up his own band, he kept coming back to Whiskey Row.  In fact, the bar’s owner, Matt Brussard says, about four years ago, the “Okie From Muskogee” singer was hanging out at the Prescott Courthouse across the street from the saloon a few years back writing a song.

Haggard died from complications of pneumonia at age 79.

Kris Dugan