Mesa Police say they’ve solved a cold case going back ten years to this month. On October 16, 2005, David Reed was shot to death outside the Friendly Irish Pub, and it’s unknown why since surveillance video showed no sign of a confrontation between the two. Detective Esteban Flores

says, a ten year long investigation finally led police to Minnesota and 46 year old Steven Wightman, who has tattoos that witnesses had noticed on a fleeing suspect. But the trail had critical gaps to overcome. Flores says, in this case, since Wightman had no arrest record, there was no picture of him with the distinguishing tattoos in the system.

However, Wightman was eventually identified after detectives poured through hundreds of Arizona drivers licenses. Once identified, police obtained a recent D-N-A sample from him matching crime scene evidence, and, Flores says, they finally found their match.

Wightman is expected to be returned to Arizona within a month to face First Degree Murder charges in Reed’s shooting.

–Barbara Villa