Drilling has commenced on the dross site at the Kingman Airport to determine the extent and depth to which aluminum dross exists within an approximate 16 acre ramp area at the south end of the field.

Haley & Aldrich, Inc., Environmental Consultants, are overseeing the drilling and initial field studies.  They also will be conducting reactivity testing and preparing soil samples to be shipped to a laboratory for further analysis.

The aluminum dross at the airport is the waste material generated during the smelting of the military aircraft that were salvaged after WWII.

The dross was buried, and as the airport developed a “clean up” was conducted by the Army Corp of Engineers in the late 1990’s – early 2000’s.  That effort failed and as a result gases produced by the deterioration of the dross has resulted in pavement upheaval of the aircraft parking ramp.

One mound has raised approximately four feet above the surface.

Kingman Airport Authority, Inc. and the City of Kingman pursued legal action and secured a judgment, against the Federal Government, to remediate the environmental issues by removing the dross, filling the area with approved materials and replacing the asphalt parking ramp.

The current testing will end this weekend and based upon the results a schedule will be established to conduct drilling/testing on the remainder of the site.