JSN - METRO BATTERYThree woman were involved in a minor altercation outside a Laughlin casino early Sunday morning. No arrests were made, but Las Vegas Metro police detectives are still investigating the incident and criminal charges are still possible.

A disagreement between Vanessa Vargas-Avila, 29, and Arraya Montalvo, 23, while they were both at a local night club is believed to be the impetus for the confrontation. Both ladies were  thrown out of the club argument became loud.

Metro Lt. John Healy, commander of the Laughlin substation, said that Montalvo left the casino with her friend, Cynthia Vargas, 31.

Vargas-Avila, who is not related to Cynthia Vargas, walked out separately.

While everyone was in the parking lot Vargas reportedly called out to Vargas-Avila as she was driving away, according to Healy. Vargas-Avila told investigators that she only stopped her vehicle because she thought they had worked out their disagreement.

Vargas, who was described as being very intoxicated, apparently decided she was going to stick up for her friend and charged at ¬†Vargas-Avila’s vehicle. She reached in and started punching Vargas-Avila. To defend herself from the attack, Vargas-Avila picked up a small steak knife that was inside her car and cut her attacker four times.

Trying to get her friend away from the car, Montalvo wrapped her arms around Vargas to pull her away from the car, and also sustained injuries on her left arm.

Metro took a report for Battery and named Cynthia Vargas as the primary suspect, however, she was not arrested nor have charges been filed.

Healy says the case has been turned over to detectives for a follow up investigation. Their findings will determine whether actual charges will be filed in the case.