Armed Robbery SuspectLAUGHLIN, NEV. — Las Vegas Metro Police are looking for the person who robbed the Aldape’s Marketplace in the Laughlin Town Center in the 3100 block of Needles Highway early Monday morning. Las Vegas Metro police were called to the supermarket at around 4:30 a.m. The Aldape’s clerk that works around the gaming area told Metro officers that a masked man walked into the store, indicated he had a gun and demanded she give him all of the money in her drawer.  “At first she thought it was a joke,” said Lt. John Healy, commander of Metro’s Laughlin substation. “He quickly let her know it was for real.” The clerk eventually complied with the demand and turned over an undisclosed amount of cash. The robber left the scene on foot. Healy said, the robber never actually showed a weapon, but rather, simulated as though he had a gun under his sweatshirt. Detectives are now looking for the suspect. Because he was wearing a mask, police do not know what he looked like. He was described as being between 5’10 and 6-feet tall. Anyone who may have witnessed someone leaving Aldape’s Marketplace with a mask on or knows of someone who suddenly has some unexpected cash, is asked to call Metro at (702)298-2223.