JSN - STABBING IN LAUGHLINWhat was supposed to be just a picture along the shores of the Colorado River turned ugly Sunday morning as one person was stabbed while trying to break up an argument in Laughlin.

Las Vegas Metro police say it happened shortly before 1:30 a.m. when a family stopped on the Riverwalk to take a picture. Another guy and his friends stopped as they approached the family as a courtesy to not disrupt the family’s picture. Another couple, who Metro investigators said were a Hispanic male and female not with the original group, did not afford the family the same courtesy and interrupted the photo op.

According to Metro Lt. John Healy, commander of the Laughlin substation, the Hispanic couple continued walking another 15 yards when the female turned around and began yelling back at one of the family members, who were apparently upset at the disruption. Eyewitnesses told Metro investigators, the woman was ‘extremely rude’ and ‘abusive.’ She also reportedly egged her boyfriend to do something about the apparent insult.

The male victim– the guy who was with his group of friends that had stopped so the family could take the picture– reportedly tried to calm everyone down, however, the girlfriend began to take her anger out on him and called her boyfriend over. That when, according to Metro, the boyfriend pulled out a purported three-inch folding knife and stabbed the victim once in the upper left abdomen area.

The suspect and his girlfriend quickly fled the scene as the victim and his friends began to pursue them. They ran south on the Riverwalk and got away.

Metro officers are looking over surveillance video from the different hotel properties in the hopes of being able to identify the suspects.

The stabbing victim’s injuries were described by Healy as not being life threatening.