JSN - Metro Car AccidentThe only thing injured in a traffic accident Saturday in Laughlin was the taxpayer’s pocketbook as Las Vegas Metro police will need to shell out some money for a new patrol vehicle. An elderly woman was cited for failing to stop at a red light while traveling south on Thomas Edison Drive Saturday morning. She ran through the Bruce Woodbury Drive intersection and t-boned a Metro police officer, who was southbound at the time. Although he swerved to miss the southbound vehicle, he could not avoid a collision.
Clark County Fire Department paramedics had to pry open the door on the patrol vehicle to get to the officer, however, he was not seriously injured. The side-panel airbags deployed upon impact and prevented any serious harm to the driver. Although not injured, he was sent to Western Arizona Regional Medical Center for an examination and then released. The driver of the other vehicle was treated at the scene.  Lt John Healy, commander of the Metro Laughlin substation, said, he started the process of replacing the patrol vehicle when he got to work Monday morning. He estimated it would cost Metro about $30,000 for a replacement. All of the equipment, lights and sirens from the damaged vehicle are reportedly salvageable and will likely be put back into service.