Metro-BHCPD-Traffic Accident (1)Two separate traffic accidents on the Bullhead Parkway last night kept Bullhead City police busy, especially given the fact they occurred only 20 minutes apart with one involving a burro and the other a fellow law enforcement officer from Laughlin.  In fact, A Las Vegas Metro police officer stationed in Laughlin could be cited for their role in the second traffic accident. No one was injured in the collision, which occurred near Desert Foothills Boulevard, shortly after 7:30 p.m. Police were already at the location due to the first accident. It was that accident that involved a car and a wild burro. According to Bullhead City Police Capt. Tad Appleby, police officers were directing traffic around the first accident scene when a red pick-up truck slowed down as he approached the accident scene. The on-duty Metro officer was travelling behind the pick-up and apparently did not recognize that it had slowed down and rear-ended it. The accident was witnessed by several of the police officers already at the scene. Metro was immediately notified of the collision. “Metro has been more than fully cooperative in the investigation,” Appleby said. “Citations are pending the outcome of the investigation.”  No citations will be issued in the first accident. The driver of the vehicle was not injured, but the burro sustained critical injuries, which required it to be euthanized.