(Lake Havasu City, Arizona) — Michael Alan Furniture & Design, the 2015 National Retailer of the year as awarded by the North America Home Furnishings Association, is ramping up for its 9th Annual Michael Alan’s “Sleepless in Havasu” fundraiser to support local breast cancer awareness. The annual event has now raised over $213,000 for the past 9 years for the local Cancer Association of Havasu’s Low Cost Mammogram Program and other related programs.

The 2017 Michael Alan’s “Sleepless in Havasu” fundraiser starts in late September and runs through October, however, donations are welcome year round at Michael Alan Furniture and Design. The event begins Friday, September 22, 2017 at 6:00 AM with a 24-hour sleepless-a-thon at Michael Alan Furniture and Design. Every year the Mayor kicks off the event (as it’s been officially declared a Proclamation Day) as around 30 ladies gather at Michael Alan Furniture and Design and stay awake for 24-hours. The event will again be held at Michael Alan Furniture and Design’s neighbor America’s Mattress of Lake Havasu City. The fun and festivities kick off with voting for the most outlandishly decorated mattress each following a similar theme, which will be “Dr. Seuss” this year. Each mattress is decorated to honor those that have fought breast cancer. The event continues with chair massages, auctions, fashion shows, movies and even trips to local coffee shops to stay awake all night.

After 24 hours, local cancer survivors join Michael Alan Furniture and Design in announcing total donations. The 2016 8th annual Michael Alan’s “Sleepless in Havasu” event raised a total of $41,481 and the 2017 goal is to hit $50,000. “We want to be more than just a Furniture Store, we want to give back and be good neighbors to our surrounding communities,” said Chris Cooley, Owner of Michael Alan Furniture and Design,. “We want to do our best to make our surrounding community better than we found it.”

Donations are the greatest part of revenue raised and to help, Michael Alan Furniture and Design organizes a silent auction. For all those willing to participate or to offer a donation and any items that may be auctioned off, please contact Michael Alan Furniture at 928-855-6067 or on-line at michaelalanaz.com.
Michael Alan Furniture and Design welcomes support from the surrounding communities. All contributors’ names will be mentioned and thanked. A tax donation slip is also provided.

Michael Alan Furniture and Design is located at 2010 Acoma Blvd. W in the warehouse district of Lake Havasu City. Connect with Michael Alan Furniture and Design on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/MichaelAlanFurnishings) or visit http://www.michaelalanaz.com/ for more information.