unnamed (19)Potential Standards to Allow Mobile Food Vendors Note: These regulations are not intended to apply to Special Events or Temporary Use Permits A. All mobile food vendors: 1. Have the appropriate Mohave County Health Department approvals 2. City Business License (Finance Dept.) and Mobile Food Vendor License (Police Dept.) 3. Be located at least fifty (50) feet from permanent food service businesses, measured from the property line of the food service business to the mobile food vending unit, unless written approval to waive this requirement is provided from all food service business owners within fifty (50) feet of the mobile food vending unit; 4. Not occupy the same site for more than two consecutive days within a seven day period; 5. Not operate on one site for more than eight hours within a 24 hour period; 6. Not operate between the hours of 3:00 am to 5:00 am; 7. Not have permanent water, wastewater, and/or electric/gas service; 8. May have signs located only on the mobile food vending unit that do not extend more than six (6) inches from the mobile food vending unit; 9. Provide trash receptacle(s) for customer use; 10. Not provide customer seating areas; 11. Not serve customers in vehicles (no drive-through or drive-up service); 12. Not obstruct the movement of pedestrians or other vehicles using the street, alley, sidewalk, or public right-of-way. B. Also, for a mobile food vendor operating on private property: 1. Only allowed on developed private property (not on vacant lots) zoned for commercial or industrial uses; 2. Obtain and provide proof from the property owner approval to operate on the private property. C. Also, for a mobile food vendor operating within a public street, alley, right-of-way or public property: 1. Provide proof of insurance naming the city as additional insured; 2. Operate only during daylight hours when located in a residential area that does not allow commercial/residential mixed uses; 3. Parked at one location on any public street or alley for no longer than four hours in any eight-hour period (being within three hundred feet of the original location is considered one location); 4. Abide by all parking regulations when stopped and be delineated from travel lanes with at least two traffic cones; 5. Not offer service to the public from the street side of the vending unit; 6. Be at least 1,000 feet from any school grounds when school is in session; 7. Not operate within a public park unless issued an appropriate park use permit.