“I see dead people!”  Modern day Ghostbuster and world-renowned Psychic Echo Bodine has spent 30 years talking to the dead.  Bodine is a nationally-acclaimed psychic who has appeared on several television shows, most notably, “The View,” NBC’s “Later Today” and “Encounters.”  Bodine calls

herself a “Ghostbuster” but claims she’s more of a “Ghost Counselor.”  She says she will “sit and talk” to the ghosts and ask them “why they won’t go to the other side?”  Bodine explains ghosts are people too with real emotions and deep-seated fears that hinder them from moving on.  Some spirits are afraid of what’s on the other side of the light, in fact, Bodine says some spirits are so frightened of running into a relative they never liked that they’ll refuse to go to the other side.  

Her job as a “Ghost Counselor,” is to “reassure” the ghosts and “talk them through the tunnel and into the white light” that she, herself, can see.  She adds ghosts are hesitant to walk through the light and will lose their nerve and turn back.  But Bodine will coax the spirit along, all the while cheering them along and encouraging them with every move they make closer toward the white light. 
She says some ghosts are “just mean” and want to scare the living.  Bodine recalls one time a “woman who had wild black hair that looked like it hadn’t been combed for 100 years – It came at me and tried to choke me.”  
A haunted house is just like a person down with the flu.  A house will show “Symptoms of a Haunting.”  Those symptoms include, banging on the walls or footsteps creeping along the hallway.  Ghosts are an energy source that can tap into other energy sources so they will play with electricity and all the electronics.  One symptom of a house haunting is if your lights go on and off, or the computer or television turns on and off by itself.  This is one way ghosts get the attention of the living.  
Bodine’s latest book, “What Happens When We Die,” takes us on a journey through the afterlife and Heaven.  Bodine says she’s seen Heaven and rejoices at its beauty.  She says Heaven is a lot like Earth, but more beautiful.
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