thumbnail_image001Supervisor Buster Johnson would like to inform the public that the shoulder widening of London Bridge Road between Chenoweth and Retail Centre has been completed.  “This widening project was completed with over 90% of federal funding,” Supervisor Johnson stated.  “The widening of this road will make it a lot safer for pedestrians and bicycles to travel on,” Johnson continued. 
According to Public Works Director, Steve Latoski, the London Bridge Road project is the first of five traffic safety related improvements countywide funded through about $1 million in federal funds.  “In order to obtain the funding for this specific project, the County argued that the shoulders were too narrow for walking pedestrians and bicycle traffic to safely travel on along with oncoming traffic,” Latoski stated. 
The project was completed just in time for this Saturday’s big triathlon event which uses this section of road for the bike race.