General Plan ReviewLake Havasu City, Ariz.–Under Arizona Revised Statue, a county’s general plan is to be readopted at least every ten years. The Mohave County Board of Supervisors implemented a five year review of the county’s general plan after the 2010 census to incorporate changes required under state law of a county whose population tops 200,000. “When the county’s population went over 200,000, the county is now required to incorporate four new elements into the general plan,” Supervisor Buster Johnson explained.

The Mohave County General Plan is a long-term comprehensive plan for the development of the county’s unincorporated areas. According to Mohave County’s Development Services Director Nick Hont, the purpose of the general plan is to guide the county and developers with present and future development in the county. “The General Plan includes elements and guidelines for housing, land use, economic development and even natural resources such as water,” Johnson said. “Public participation in any General Plan review is important. It is extremely important that current and future developers read and participate in any changes made to the plan as what we decide now will shape the future growth of this county,” Johnson explained.

According to Director Hont, the four new elements being incorporated into the plan are: open space acquisition and preservation; planning for growth areas; environmental planning; and the cost of public services for new development. “Implementing these new changes and updating the general plan will cost county taxpayers about $38,000,” Johnson stated. According to Director Hont, the review and update on the general plan every five years is a necessity for the county and developers. “Due to technology and constant changes in the economy, reviewing the General Plan for economic development purposes is a must,” Hont stated.

Other changes that are required in the review also include changes in water resource conditions such as surface water and groundwater. “Water Resources are already an existing item within the existing Natural Resources element of the general plan, but it needs review as conditions change and new information becomes available since the last General Plan review. It will be one of the most important items of the General Plan review this time,” Hont explained.

The General Plan review and update must be adopted by the Board of Supervisors in December of this year. The Draft 2015 General Plan review is currently available for a 60-day public comment period. The public can review all documents related to the general plan on the county website at: The public can provide any comments to the Development Services Department on or before July 21st by email at or by mail to P.O. Box 7000, Kingman, AZ 86402