MeaslesThe Mohave County Department of Public Health (MCDPH) is providing information to help parents and individuals learn about measles and the vaccine, given curiosity associated with measles cases reported across the United States and in Arizona. There are currently no cases of measles in Mohave County. Measles is highly contagious. Individuals who feel they, or their child, may have measles are encouraged to call their medical provider before going to the office or clinic. The measles vaccine (MMR) is available at MCDPH and children can receive it during our weekly vaccination clinics:

Kingman 700 W. Beale Street Wednesdays 8 – 11 & 1 – 4  928-753-0714

Bullhead 1222 Hancock Rd Thursdays 8 – 11 & 1 – 4           928-758-0703

Lake Havasu 2001 College Drive Tuesdays 8 – 11 & 1 – 4    928-453-0703

Colorado City 20 S. Colvin Tuesdays 9 – 12 & 1 – 4               928-875-8960

MCDPH partners with health plans to assist us in recouping vaccination costs. Parents are asked bring their child’s insurance card as well as their immunization record to every visit. MMR vaccinations are also available to adults for a current fee of $93.00. Appointments are required for adult vaccinations; please call your local public health nursing office.