unnamed (11)For the fifth year in a row, Mohave County Public Works Director Steve Latoski has been elected the Western Arizona Council of Government’s (WACOG) Transportation Advisory Council (TAC) Chairman.  “Steve has been with the county for the past nine years and has used his knowledge and leadership to save county taxpayers money while at the same time ensuring our roads are safe for residents and visitors to drive on,” Supervisor Buster Johnson stated.  “It is nice to see Steve recognized by his peers for his hard work and dedication,” Johnson continued.

WAGOC’s TAC is made up of eight voting representatives from all around Mohave and La Paz County along with an Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) representative.  The committee’s main task is to help assist Mohave County and La Paz County communities in securing funding opportunities for transportation related infrastructure and planning projects.  As Chairman of the committee, Latoski is put in charge of running their bi-monthly meetings and overseeing 17,824 square miles of land in Mohave and La Paz.  “This committee is crucial for Mohave County, and has in the past helped land important funding for projects much needed in our area,” Johnson explained.

One of TAC’s responsibilities is to develop the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).  This program takes federal funds and allocates them to specific street and road projects throughout Mohave County and in the incorporated cities.  According to Latoski, TAC is allocated approximately $1.3 million dollars of federal Surface Transportation funds to help La Paz and Mohave Counties, and their communities with local roadway projects.  Along with that allocation, TAC was also awarded $600,000 in Highway Safety Improvement Funding annually.  “TAC partners with ADOT‘s Transportation Planning to oversee the appropriations of these federal dollars,” Johnson said.  “This federal funding has gone to enhance the county’s speed limit signs along with much needed road improvements in Golden Shores,” Johnson continued.

WACOG is a governmental non-profit that services the populations of Yuma, La Paz, and Mohave Counties.  The TAC must choose fiscally constrained projects.  The projects cannot exceed the amount awarded under TIP.  Projects can range anywhere from a couple thousand dollars to a couple million dollars.   One project the county received funding during fiscal year 2014 was for solar LED enhanced speed limit signs.  According to Latoski, the county received a total of $161,640 towards the project.  Other programs set to be funded include:

  • Bank Street widening in Kingman
  • Colorado City Striping and Signing
  • Swanson Ave improvements in Lake Havasu City
  • County Route 1 re-construction in the Golden Shores area
  • N. Oatman Rd./ Riverview Dr.  Construction near Bullhead City

For more information on WACOG’s Transportation Program please visit:http://www.wacog.com/TIP.html