GetAttachment.aspxIn the month of their fifth anniversary Lake Havasu City residents Kelly Meister and partner Kim Manson are the first same sex couple to be issued a marriage license in Mohave County. They were among same sex couples picking up licenses all over the state on Friday, the same day that a federal judge had struck down Arizona’s gay marriage prohibition. Meister, 48, said she and Manson, 51, met online in 2009 before she moved from Tucson to Lake Havasu City. They founded the community’s LGBT Association the next year. The retired Marine said she had a high level top secret clearance status before she was medically discharged, and that she had to be extremely secretive and protective of her sexuality during the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” era. “You know, being a Marine I’ve always felt that I’ve fought for these rights, for everybody, and by God I should have these same rights that my siblings have, of marriage and everything else,” Meister said. She said a legal marriage will allow them to make decisions involving one another and their property when necessary, but won’t much change their lives otherwise. While exhilarated and liberated to be issued their marriage license, some paranoia persists. “When we were walking out of the courthouse I grabbed her to kiss her and there was a guy standing behind us and she (Kim) said ‘not in public’, and I said for crying out loud Kim. It’s legal and I just screamed it real loud,” Meister said. “It’s legal in the state of Arizona. We can get married and they’re just going to have to accept it.” Meister said she and Manson, a cable company employee, have not yet mapped out their wedding plans. She said they want to involve Manson’s three daughters and other family members and friends.