unnamed (10)Judy Toledo, Mohave County’s Management Analyst, was recently elected as President of the Colorado River Financial Officer Association (CRFOA).  “I am very proud of Judy for being elected to this position,” Supervisor Buster Johnson stated.  “With her background in management and finance, I am confident she will do an outstanding job as President of the association,” Johnson continued.  Ms. Toledo has been an employee of the County’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for the past five years and is currently working on her certification for internal auditing.  “Judy is one of our most sought after employees due to her accounting credentials and true dedication to her job,” OMB Manager Gene Hepler stated.  Hepler was happy to see Judy, who was Vice-President of the CRFOA last year, elected as President. “She has worked very hard over the years to save county taxpayers money, and I am sure she will work just as hard in this role as well,” Hepler stated.  Part of Judy’s job as Management Analyst is to find ways to conserve energy.  “She works with all departments from Treasurer to the Clerk of the Courts,” Hepler said.  “She takes data compiled from each department and find ways the county can save on utility usage.  She also works to find cost effective programs for various departments within the county,” Hepler continued.  CRFOA membership consists of Finance Directors, Senior Accountant and Accountants from Mohave County, the Cities and La Plaz County.  KRMC and Citi Bank are also members.  The association meets to share ideas, information and to provide financial training.  According to Johnson, Judy is among several Mohave County employees who have received recognition by their peers over the last year.  “These recognitions not only increase the county’s reputation, but they also encourage more and more people to look to the county for ideas and information in a wide variety of issues.  These recognitions are good for both the employees and the county as a whole,” Johnson ended.