A mother abandons her three-month-old baby and hands her over to a stranger.  Officer James Holmes with Phoenix Police says a mother walked up to a complete stranger standing outside her apartment complex and handed over her baby.  The woman who took the baby, 30-year-old Jennifer Argo, was stunned as

she listened to the mother exclaim she couldn’t care for the baby, couldn’t clothe her or feed her. She also told Argo there were six other children living on top of a nearby mountain.  Holmes says officers scoured the mountains and found no children.  Officers were able to locate the mother within hours of abandoning her baby.  The 39-year-old woman was found inside an apartment with several other adults, including the baby’s father, and two other children ages 12-years-old and 18-months-old.  Holmes says, “the biological father of the infant told officers he had been treating the apartment for insects when he noticed the suspect had left. When the suspect returned, according to the father, she told him she had turned the baby over to the Arizona Department of Child Safety.” 

The mother was questioned by detectives but gave incoherent answers.  The suspect was eventually transported to an Urgent Psychiatric Care facility for an evaluation. 

Kris Dugan