A Phoenix mom who police say locked her four month old daughter in a sun-baked S-U-V appeared before a Maricopa County Superior Judge. 32 year old Ericka Quintanilla, being charged with Reckless Child Abuse, a Class 5 Felony, broke down and cried when she learned that, for now, she will not be allowed to see her child, unless it’s with what the judge called, “a responsible adult”.

The distraught Quintanilla, burying her face in her arms and sobbing, said, “I just want to see my baby. I forgot her in the car. I just want to hold her”.

Last Friday, Quintanilla left her infant in the S-U-V while she went with her 12 year old daughter to Ross department store, and according to police, returned 20 minutes later to find paramedics leaving with the baby to take her to the hospital. Police say the baby was found to be unharmed and the infant is now in her father’s care.

Quintanilla initially told police she didn’t think she’d be gone that long, then, after getting her rights read to her, said she forgot the baby was in the S-U-V. Police say the vehicle was locked with the windows rolled up and at the time, it was 104 degrees outside.

Quintanilla also faces charges of Driving on a Suspended License.

–Barbara Villa