A massive monsoon rolled into the Phoenix-metro area Tuesday afternoon that caused damaging floods and stranded several motorists.  Meteorologist Hector Vasquez with the National Weather Service says an unusual storm system moved into the Phoenix Metro area that dropped three inches of rain.  That’s triple the

average for the entire month of August.  About two-and-a-half inches of rain fell in Glendale and Maryvale.  Scottsdale had about an inch-and-a-half.  Vasquez says yesterday’s storm was very rare as “the thunderstorms were large and dumped a lot of heavy rain” that started in the morning and lasted for hours. He adds, “it is unusual because we had a record amount of atmospheric moisture over Arizona the last three days, and that only happens two or three times the entire summer.”  More thunderstorms are brewing that are expected to hit later this afternoon. 

Kris Dugan