District 3 Mohave County supervisor candidate Cassandra Mooneyham cruised through the August 30 primary to learn who she would face in the November general election. Mooneyham had been a registered republican but said she switched to independent status in the current election cycle for two reasons.

Mooneyham said she wanted to make certain that the winner of the republican primary would have a general election opponent. She said she has also become a bit disenchanted with the GOP.

“The republican party I think is not holding true to its core values anymore, especially on the national scale and has been quite disappointing,” Mooneyham said. “I’ve seen a lot in the local party where it tends to be more of a club than something holding true to principles.”

In what is her first bid for public office, Mooneyham faces Buster Johnson, a Lake Havasu City republican seeking his sixth, four-year term on the county board.

“I’m a firm believer in term limits and I feel that after awhile in one position you lose the fire in your belly,” Mooneyham said. “We need new ideas. We need fresh perspective. We need someone who is ready to go out there and take charge.”

Like other candidates, Mooneyham said personnel and budget matters are part of her campaign focus. Addressing what she called the “drug crisis” is another issue for her.

Mooneyham more money and energy needs to be spent on the front end of the drug problem rather than the more expensive results on the back end in courtrooms and prison.

Mooneyham encouraged voters to visit her website ( and her Facebook page.