thumbnail_Matthew Heck - LAUGHLIN MANThe Clark County District Attorney’s Office has released more information regarding its case against a Laughlin man that is charged with five counts of sexual assault against a child under the age of 14. Matthew Heck, 25, was extradited from Arizona last month to face trial on those charges in Nevada.

            Prosecutors are prohibited from disclosing most aspects of their case against Heck because it involves minors, but they have released a few details.

            Heck is alleged to have committed the sexual assaults on the day after Christmas in 2014 while in Laughlin. The DA’s office will not specify if the crimes were committed at Heck’s residence or somewhere else in Laughlin.

            The DA’s office has also confirmed there were two victims in the case.

            Heck is scheduled to make an appearance next week in Laughlin Justice Court. On Thursday, the DA’s office will present their case during Heck’s preliminary hearing to determine if there is enough evidence to send the case to trial in Clark County District Court.

            Just before his arrival in Nevada, Heck completed a prison sentence in Arizona. He had been incarcerated for nearly two years at the Arizona State Prison in Florence for a 2014 conviction in Mohave County Superior Court for an unrelated incident that took place in Bullhead City. The conviction was part of a plea agreement with the Mohave County Attorney’s Office. Heck plead guilty to one count of theft of a credit card.