MossIt’s gold extraction process works very well, but future operation of the Moss Mine east of Bullhead City will require a massive infusion of capital. That’s the message that Golden Vertex corporation President Dick Whittington delivered during separate presentations to local government early this month. Whittington addressed the Mohave County Board of Supervisors November 3 and the Bullhead City Council on November 4. “We’re scaling back operations. We’re in the final phase of our phase one pilot plant operation,” Whittington said. “The plant is going to be put into a care and maintenance basis at the end of the month.” On the bright side, Whittington said the heap-leaching gold extraction process employed at the mine site has been highly efficient. He said the company had projected a 75% recovery, but that they’ve instead enjoyed an 82% recovery rate. “It’s a huge difference. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s actually a huge difference for us,” Whittington said. He said the recovery numbers will be a selling point once the company seeks investment capital after it completes a feasibility study late next spring. “We’ll be going to the market to raise money to build the mine,” Whittington said. “We’re still thinking we’ll be looking in the range of $30-to-$35-million to do that.” At the same time, Whittington conceded that a weak precious metals market makes it difficult to secure investment. He expressed hope that potential market rebound next year will help spur investment and further project development. Board Chairman Hildy Angius and Bullhead City Mayor Jack Hakim, during the separate meetings, wished Whittington good luck with the project. They also thanked him for the company’s various community involvements.