The time has come to pay a special tribute to the funny things mom’s say. And they always know what to say.  There are a number of go-to threats Moms across the country pull out of their back pockets in desperate times of need while raising their children!  A few favorite mom-isms that have made it down

through the generations include…”I’ll Give You Something to Cry About,” “Don’t Get Smart With Me, and “Wait Until Your Father Gets Home!”  Of course there are the oldies, but goodies…”You’re Grounded” and “Go To Your Room!” 

And the two questions every mother is forced to ask their children…”Do You Think Money Grows on Trees?” and “If All Your Friends Were Jumping Off A Cliff, Would You?” 
And the Universal slogan every child has heard in their lifetime, the Number One Mom-ism…”BECAUSE I SAID SO!”
Happy Mother’s Day….Thanks Mom!

Kris Dugan