A Phoenix motorcycle cop has suffered minor injuries after falling off his bike.  Sergeant Vince Lewis says the officer, who is fresh out of training, “went down” after losing control of his bike while patrolling downtown Phoenix.  Lewis says the cop “took a turn and for whatever reason ended up sliding it and dropping the

motorcycle.”  The officer was transported to a nearby hospital for minor injuries and has since been released.  The officer is fresh out of “motor school” and Lewis says “it’s one of those things where there was an issue with the breaks, his familiarity with the bike and of course that turn.”  There was an accident report taken and the officer is looking at doing some more ride time and training.   Lewis says now that we know he’s okay, his fellow officers will band together and razz him for falling off his bike.  The officer’s injuries are more to his bruised ego.

Kris Dugan