DPS Helicopter Rangers are called in to rescue three women stranded on Mount Lemmon in Tucson.  Pima County Sheriff’s Deputy Thomas Peine says three women in their 20’s went for a hike early Friday morning when harsh winter weather trapped them on the mountain for hours.  The mother of one of the hikers

became concerned when no one returned home late in the day and called for help.  The hikers also called for help around the same time and deputies used GPS to track the location of their cell phones to find the women lost on the mountain.  Peine says  they called a Department of Public Safety helicopter crew who were able to evacuate the women in two trips around 7 p.m.  No one was hurt. The hikers were found at an elevation of seven-thousand feet where trails had become hazardous and slick from snow.  Peine says the trails were too slick and dangerous for the women to attempt to hike back down the mountain and did the right thing by calling for help.

Kris Dugan