The tearful mugshot mom, whose leaving her kids in a hot
car to go to a Scottsdale job interview resulted in more than $1,000,000 in
donations and eventual felony child abuse convictions, is on the Dr. Phil Show
explaining why she refused a deal to walk free and to confront her former
supporters, who she says betrayed her. 

The plea deal required her to put $60,000 in a trust for her
kids…something she tells Dr. Phil that she could not do because of all the
bills she had to pay. 
Taylor calls her
former attorney, Ben Taylor, a “dirtbag” for misleading her and releasing her
personal financial information, and blames Phoenix Reverend and minority rights
activist Jared Maupin for telling lies to the media that turned the world
against her. 
Taylor tells Dr. Phil that
she does not regret rejecting the deal that would have kept her from being a
convicted felon and does not think it will keep her from getting a job to
support her family, explaining that she did not want to lock away almost all of
the money she had left to satisfy the terms of the plea deal because she was
afraid she lose her kids again. 
former attorney Ben Taylor disagrees, telling Dr. Phil that it was Shanesha who
ultimately let her plea deal fall through and he is still baffled by how it all
turned out. 
Amanda Bishop began the
online-donation campaign that raised the money for Shanesha and her children
and she is disappointed in both Taylor and the courts. 
Cayenne Bird donated money to Taylor and she
calls the plea deal a huge government overreach and that Taylor should never
have been asked to fund the trusts. 
While Taylor assures everyone who donated that she has spent the money
wisely, Reverend Jared Maupin tells Dr. Phil that he was getting calls from
many different people telling him they were seeing Taylor blow the money meant
for her children.