The man accused of abducting and killing an eleven-year-old girl from the Navajo Nation has been apprehended.  The FBI, working in conjunction with New Mexico State and local law enforcement arrested 27-year-old Tom Begaye for killing Ashlynne Mike and dumping her body in Shiprock.  FBI Spokesman Frank Fisher

says Begaye was hanging out in a sweat lodge when authorities picked him up.  Fisher says Begaye picked up Ashlynne and her nine-year-old brother Ian after they got off the school bus.  Begaye told the kids he would take them to the movies.  Ashlynne’s little brother was able to escape from Begay’s clutches and ran for two miles to the highway where he was found and taken to police.  So far, the FBI has no motive for the crime.  It’s also unknown whether Begay knew the children or if he were a stranger.

Kris Dugan