Local and Federal law enforcement arrested a murder suspect in Tucson.  Sergeant Kim Bay says in a joint effort with U.S. Marshal’s Most Wanted Task Force, Tucson police spotted 26-year-old Eugen Payne, Jr. in a truck that was observed at a crime scene last weekend.  Police attempted to pull the truck over when the

driver led police on a short chase and then pulled over.  Payne bolted from the truck and tried to run.  A K-9 unit was unleashed and grabbed Payne who was climbing a fence in his attempt to escape.  Payne was transported to a hospital for medical treatment and will be booked into jail for murder charges upon his release. Payne is accused of shooting and killing 39-year-old Eric Noriega after the two fought over property.  The driver has been detained by police for questioning.

Kris Dugan