Victor SilvaA high speed chase on Interstate 10 that started in California ended in Arizona with the death of a homicide suspect and the arrest of another Saturday night. The two men were wanted on murder charges in northern California in connection with the death of an 84-year old woman last week. Detectives with the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department, north of San Francisco, who arrested one suspect on Saturday, had learned that the two remaining suspects might be traveling in a rented vehicle near Indio, Calif. and notified the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.  Later Saturday night, Riverside County sheriff’s deputies spotted the rented vehicle west of Blythe and began to pursue it. Officers with the California Highway Patrol also joined the pursuit, but the suspects refused to stop. Instead, they began to fire their guns at the officers and other motorists.  Several miles before they reached the Colorado River, the California officers notified their colleagues in Arizona and asked for their assistance. An officer with the Quartzsite Police Department was the first to make it to Ehrenberg, which is 13 miles west of Quartzsite, on the Arizona side of the river. He managed to lay down a spike strip near Exit 1.  La Paz County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant Curt Bagby said, the suspects allegedly shot at the Quartzsite officer as they passed the area, but the officer was not injured. The spike strip, however, proved effective as the suspects’ vehicle became disabled about a half-mile further down I-10, where deputies with the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office, officers with the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the Quartzsite Police Department began to pursue the suspects on foot into the desert. Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputies and officers with the Blythe Police Department also joined the search.  According to Lt. Bagby, one of the suspects eventually surrendered, but the other suspect refused to comply with law enforcement and brandished a weapon. A deputy from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office opened fire on the suspect, who was fatally wounded and pronounced deceased after lifesaving efforts were unsuccessful. The La Paz County Sheriff’s Office investigative unit is working with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office to investigate the incidents.  The surviving suspect, Victor Silva, 27, of Greenbrae, Calif., was booked into the La Paz County Detention Facility on several felony charges and will await extradition to California for multiple felonies including homicide.  The name of the deceased suspect is being withheld until his family has been notified.  “The Riverside County Sheriff’s Office is still attempting to identify witnesses or victims of the multiple shootings that occurred during the pursuit along I-10,” Bagby said. If you or someone you know has information that may help law enforcement please call the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department at (760) 863-8990 or the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office at (928) 669-6141.