A murder suspect is on the run after killing his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend.  Sergeant Trent Crump with Phoenix Police says 29-year-old Delmarc Forrester and his girlfriend picked up her six-year-old daughter from the home of Louis Davis, the child’s father on Christmas Eve.  Forrester and Davis had a fight over

holiday visitation rights when Forrester and his girlfriend left Davis’ home with the child.  While Forrester and his girlfriend were headed home, Davis called and tried to set up a meeting, which they declined.  During the call, Davis said he was going to their house on Tamarisk to “shoot it up.”  Crump says, once Forrester got home, he armed himself with a large knife and waited outside for the suspect.  Davis showed up at Forrester’s home armed with a handgun and shot Forrester.  The victim was transferred to a local hospital where he later died.  Davis, who is described as a Black man, about six-feet tall, fled the scene in a White 1992 Buick Roadmaster with Arizona license plate ARF-6934.  Anyone with information is asked to call Phoenix Police or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

Kris Dugan