Tempe police have arrested two suspects in connection with the November 28th shooting death of a man outside of CVS Drug store.  Lieutenant Mike Pooley says 19-year-old Dean Blissett and 18-year-old Robreana White were taken into custody Friday for the death of 21-year-old Errun Scroggins following a

confrontation in the parking lot.  Police are looking for a third suspect in the shooting named Willie Lee Moore who they believe is hiding out in California.

Pooley says police tracked the two down in Alamogordo, New Mexico and are looking for a third shooter.  Pooley says Scroggins was sitting in his car waiting for a meeting with the suspects that never happened.  As the victim was in the parking lot, he was approached by the suspects who began firing at him. 

Blissett and White are awaiting extradition to Arizona.  Blissett is facing numerous charges including first degree murder and participation in a criminal syndicate.  White is being charged with illegal control of an enterprise.
Moore is considered armed and dangerous.

Kris Dugan