plunkettTrial begins next week for a Fort Mohave man charged in the June, 2013 murder of his girlfriend. Louis Plunkett, 55, is charged with fraudulent schemes and first degree murder in the death of Marilyn Burdick, 62. Burdick’s fully clothed body was pulled from the swimming pool of the backyard of her home in the 5200 block of South Antelope Drive. The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office said Plunkett, who lived with Burdick, told investigators that his girlfriend fell in her home the day before she was found in the pool. An autopsy determined that Burdick died of blunt force trauma. Investigation determined that Burdick named Plunkett her life insurance beneficiary and put him in charge of assets in her trust about 18 months before the homicide. Authorities allege Plunkett put himself in that position by creating a family quarrel. The contention is that Plunkett sent Burdick an email that purported to be from her son-in-law. It’s content allegedly resulted in Burdick’s disinheritance of her daughter and the positioning of Plunkett to control her assets in the event of her death. Plunkett’s request to represent himself is the subject of a hearing scheduled next Monday. Jury selection starts Tuesday for Plunkett’s trial.