The murder weapon used in a double-homicide may have been found.  Lieutenant Hugh White with Gilbert police says a man was gardening in his backyard when he came across a gun and a smashed-up cell phone that might belong to murder suspect 35-year-old Mathew Cain.  Cain is accused of

shooting his roommate, 33-year-old Stacy Steward and her daughter’s boyfriend, 17-year-old Alex Tamborski, to death last week.  Cain fled the apartment he was sharing with Steward after the brutal murders.  A manhunt ensued and police believe Cain tossed the gun and his cell phone near a neighbor’s home. Police are confident the cell phone and the gun found in the neighbor’s backyard belong to Cain, but will not confirm until a forensic test verifies the information.  Cain was spotted walking alone a canal when confronted by police a short time after the murders and ordered him to surrender.  Cain refused and threatened police which led police to shoot Cain in self-defense.  Cain is listed in critical, but stable condition and will be booked into jail on first degree murder charges once he is released from the hospital.

Kris Dugan