A lot of tears and few answers for a Phoenix family still coping with the murder of their son, father and fiancé, while his killer remains at large. Police say 28-year old Andrew Barela was gunned down in the street by someone in a red, mid-90’s, Ford Mustang with peeling paint as he exchanged words with the driver.

Desirae Villasaez says she and Barela were planning their wedding but now he’s gone and leaves a large family, including five children, who are grieving. 13-year old David Villasaez would have been Barela’s stepson and says the killer took the only father he’s ever known. Barela’s family is hosting car washes, one on Saturday, February 6, at 8am, at the 7-11 store located at 43ave and McDowell and the other on Sunday, February 7, at 8am at Kiddies Kingdom Daycare located at 35ave and Encanto, to raise money for the funeral. Anyone with information is asked to call silent witness.