A committee of two board members has selected finalists from the field of five applicants for the Chief’s position at the Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire District (NACFD).

Board members Mike Collins and Jim Bailey met the afternoon of May 4 and they scored each of the five applicants, including Wayne Eder, who has been serving as interim chief since March 23. Eder was not among the three finalists that Collins and Bailey announced during the special board meeting convened four hours after they met as a committee.

The finalists being invited to Kingman to interview for the Chief’s position on May 18 include Robert Jarvis of Mesa, Glenn Brown of Prescott Valley and Robert Hume of Campo, California.

NACFD Board member Vic Riccardi complained that Eder did not make the list of finalists. Riccardi said all five of the applicants should be invited for interview.

“I feel this whole thing is a big farce,” Riccardi said.

Riccardi further complained that the committee met in the afternoon when it was inconvenient for the public to attend. Bailey said the afternoon meeting was open to the public but there was no opportunity for public involvement because the purpose was for the two committee members to review the applications and nominate three finalists.

Riccardi was confused, or apparently didn’t remember, being the swing vote at the April 20 meeting that appointed Collins and Bailey to the screening committee, specifically charged with the task of meeting to select the top three applicants for interviews.

Bailey: You voted yes on it to put us on the committee.

Riccardi: Did I vote yes on it?

Bailey: Yes, you did Vic. Look at your minutes.

Riccardi: You look at em

Bailey: I was here. I remember what happened. I don’t need to look at the minutes.

Riccardi: A committee was formed by who?

Bailey: You voted yes on Mike and I to do it. Check the records, buddy.

Riccardi: You check em.

Riccardi                        Bailey

Riccardi is the focus of a recall campaign attempting to oust him from office. He is also subject of a union complaint insisting he should be removed from the board for failing to attend training classes mandated by law.