A second recall has been launched in the politically volatile Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire District (NACFD). Valle Vista resident Rick Veradt is targeting NACFD governing board members Mike Collins and Jim Bailey in the recall he initiated Monday, June 26.

Mohave County Elections Director Allen Tempert said Veradt must gather at least 892 valid petition signatures by October 24 to force a recall vote next spring. That’s the same number of signatures needed for the proposed recall of NACFD Board Chairman Patti Lewis and board member Victor Riccardi.

Lewis and Riccardi are the targets of a separate recall that started in late March.

Because Lewis and Riccardi have sparred with Collins and Bailey for years over various NACFD matters, these are essentially rival recalls, counter to one another.

Veradt said he has been uninvolved in fire district politics in recent years, but that changed June 15 when he publicly defended Riccardi, his friend of 17 years. Veradt said Riccardi is a man of integrity who is being unfairly blamed for NACFD woes in the form of a recall and separate investigations conducted by the Mohave County Attorney’s Office, as well as negative publicity.

In the recall statement Veradt submitted with the elections office he blamed Collins and Bailey for various alleged blunders in the management, spending and personnel arenas. Veradt said he’ll be meeting with supporters to map out a game plan for the ouster effort.