The near-drowning of a 14-month-old baby girl in Phoenix las night is a reminder that it’s drowning season as temperatures rise for the summer.  Fire Captain Reda Biggler says everyone should follow the ABC’s of pool safety beginning with “Adult” supervision.  You should always have eyes on the child

at all time.  Biggler says watching a child’s every move while near water is key to the child’s survival.  Drowning is not a loud, screaming dramatic death.  When a child drowns, it’s very quiet as they slip below the surface of the water.  Never take your eyes off your child.  Barriers are another factor to saving a life.  Always put a barrier or a fence that is latched around a pool.  A child can climb over the fence, so again, don’t take your eyes off the child.  Classes are another key.  CPR classes are important, as well as swimming classes.  It’s best to start teaching kids how to swim at a young age.  The 14-month-old started breathing and was transported to the hospital as a precaution.

Kris Dugan